Saturday, November 8, 2008

In Rawalpindi

Without grandma’s kiss
And mother’s distinct pyar
Away from friends
And village sparks
What’s purpose of life!

In Rawalpindi
Away from home
Studying more, learning scarce
Is it what here I am for!

Mates, at hostel
In and outta class
Restaurant waiters, fruit-sellers,
All, live with us, still very far
Is this life alive!

Prostrate now I
With feeling more strong
Alone here I am
And He is never far
It does make feel alive!

Eye with regret
Having hope
Shinning with wet
As will see Him one day,
In Rawalpindi, I do enjoy!

Desperate loneliness
Before ecstatic touch
By overpowered joy
Shiveringly I am clutched
In Rawalpindi, I do enjoy!

(This is a draft, and incomplete.)