Sunday, August 24, 2008


Charm: The grandfather of my grandfather's grandfather adviced his successors, "Never ever try to go near the girls/women that are beautiful or flirt or promiscuous or chaste or deceptive or seductive or dramatic or expressive or talkative or expressionless or mute or loyal or dishonest or erotic or pitiable or betraying or frank or truthful or reserved or liar or fearing or bold or understanding or nonsense or helping or unresponsive or problematic or shunners or lookers or immoral or responsive or moral". Very undoubtedly, he was all correct. Anyway, he said it on the day of his sixth marriage, accurately three days after kicking off his 21st girlfriend.


$ajjad said...

kya cheez hay tu yaar..!!
Kya kya sochta rehta hay..!!
I appreciate all of your work, it's great indeed..

Best Wishes

Asif said...

This was just WoW ... one of my Fav ... impressive ... lovely ... CHARMING ... :D ... ;)

TAYYIBA said...

vat an effort i must say...

wel i appreciate!!