Saturday, February 12, 2011

A beginner’s brief guide to love affair in Pakistan

This essay is strictly for beginners. Advanced lovers may meet me privately or may wait for concerned article. The scope of this article is to our so-called beloved homeland, our love-place Pakistan.

While deciding to have or not a love affair you would need to consider that whether or not there is someone around you to have love-affair with. You might like to consider some important points given below regarding this.

Religion does matter, so if you are Muslim look for Muslim and narrow down your search.

After all Islam has been divided into sects which might not love each other, or may even love to hate each other mutually or one-sidedly, so make sure that if you are Shiite you don’t try to find someone who is Ahmaddiya or Sunni. And, if you are Sunni you might not show interest in an Ahmaddiya or Shiite.

Once you have narrowed down into your own sect, as a matter of fact castes does exist in indo-pak subcontinent. So, if you are Jutt do not look for Malik. If you are Butt do not find a Nutt. If you are Kumar do not strive for Tarkhan. If you are Qureshi do not hurry for Marasi. Stay into caste you were born in while making your search, even if it seems outdated.

Family and Standard 
The family to which your prospective love might belong to should be equal to yours in terms of economical and social status; this might help you have better long-term relationship.

Your Love
Your love must be anyone you feel good to look at, and you find yourselves having “heart attacks” at hearing the name of your loved one. Although not recommended in most cases, but you may even marry your loved one, as that happens to be not a crime.

Results and Discussion
Since without any doubt you would be startled enough till now due to hopelessness, do not worry at all and decide if you really want a love affair? If No, you are wise. If Yes, yes you are crazy, and the guidelines were not for you, so you may choose any pet animal of your own choice which you deeply find satisfied to look at, and enjoy touching and cuddling as well. In case if you don’t want a pet animal and need a real human being, you may choose anyone without considering caste, creed, sect, family, currency, standard, color and religion. In this case marriage may turn a crime, and looking, touching and cuddling immoral.

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