Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poems Controversy

Oddly enough, over some years a few poems “have been left by me”. This is not a poetical expression, opposed to that its plain reality. Those left poems were unfortunately or very unfortunately “love poems”, like “love songs” of a youthful age. Great thing related to them is that they were appreciated by most of people they were read by. Interesting comments and responses were received. A few were like 

“Someone has indeed ditched you!” 

“You deeply love someone…!” 

“Which season have you written these poems?” 

“Which conditions were you going through that time?” 

“Where have you copied them from?” 

“You are too sensitive” 

Like it should be that understanding and interpretation be left unto readers, so did I tried to do. As for many months no such lunatic exaggerative craze has hit the “shareef” mind and the flow of “life” has not let produce any such over-hyped expression of sensitive emotions. So, not to speak a word about the two dozen supposed unrequited love affairs that I never had, and not to talk about the just few I have, but to bust the myth behind the “poems story” it will suffice that an idea, dream or message can expertly be closed into a written expression. Which might require practice of writing and following the formal stages of like drafting, proofreading and fooling. Yes, indeed fooling is the most important stage where the message is hidden between the lines in such a way that the reader is fooled and his or her own emotions start to feel “something”, because they might find some hidden connection in between them and the writing. What “something” is that happens? A controversy for sure, not the point to discuss here. Still that controversy in much unlike the one which is happening this season with “Mr. and Mrs. Controversial”. And there is no over-hyped imbalanced expression of emotions of “fatherly and brotherly love” from now, it is a start of seemingly safe journey from controversial poems to much clearer prose. Still a line or two of this prose may end up in controversy, unless the reader is “mature and shareef” enough to understand whats is coming next.

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