Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pride, Ego and Meekness

Had a lot of lengthy unending discussions, was once asked that “Don't you have ego?” After some contemplation and more of gathering others' words compiled a question to prompt discussion. Lets consider two examples straight away to open up to the lesser analogy and more of a fuss.

Example 1: 

Case 1:
A person in prayer prostrating for Allah, shows humbleness through this act. A prayer in ba-jamaAt namaz (prayer in group) would make his/her head nearly touch feet of the person standing ahead without any worry or care. What does ego and pride mean for such a prayer in mosque?

Case 2:
On the other hand, suppose situation out of prayer or mosque, rarely would anyone agree to near-touch someone's feet by ones head, and even in that case not without feeling disgrace. What does ego mean for prayer out of mosque?

Example 2:

A mosque superintendent would not let poor people sleep inside the mosque. So poor men would sleep in front of mosque's door, in the veranda, even though that was winter season. Unlike other mornings, this morning while the sun was rising above and poor men had started to move a little to get out of their beds, a dog was seen resting on their dirtiest quilts, aside them. What does pride and ego mean for such an educated mosque superintendent and what does stand for meekness?

Surely more dirt has been thrown by these two examples on the topic, still a matter of concern is that, would it be required to redefine ego, pride and meekness and their synonymous terms from a humane and human perspective, until its too late and the day of judgment arrives.

Thanks to Sir Sibtain Haider Rizvi for sharing example #1.

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